Captain’s Day 2014

Organising the day got a little easier when it was known that 6 male and 6 female players had agreed to partake in this annual event.With this “mix” of members it was relatively easy to draw lots to sort out mixed pairs (always making sure husbands and wives were not drawn together).We played 4 games of 3 wood pairs, each for 5 ends, moving then to play another team on a different rink. It was good weather, good fun, nice cake and bread pudding at the mid afternoon interval and a very enjoyable afternoon. Finding the winner was the most difficult part of the day. Three of the teams had scored 21 shots and all had also conceded 11 shots. So it was down to the number of ends won to decide the winner, the team of Sandy Hite and Mike Evans. Just think if somebody else wanted to play that day, I would have stood down and you might have won.My thanks go to those who supported me on my day.

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