Royal Household B.C. 2015

The Club is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. After 2 years of planning by Maurice Robinson most of the club and 5 spectators left Nutley on Sunday 21 June just after 9am for a special celebration game in Windsor Great Park, within sight of Windsor Castle, against the Royal Household Bowling Club.
We arrived in Windsor by about 10.30am which gave everyone a good opportunity to wander around this special town, thronging with so many visitors, before being taken to the host’s club.The weather was fine and dry with some sunshine, almost perfect for the game which was enjoyed by all. The welcome and hospitality shown by the hosts was first class with friendly rivalry throughout the afternoon. An enjoyable salad meal, sweet and a drink from the bar was provided after the game. What an experience.
The club was given a souvenir plaque of the Royal Household Bowling Club to remind us of this very special fixture in this special year for the Nutley club.
I know the day was enjoyed by everyone and I am sure we will all have a lasting memory of such a one off fixture.

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