Finals Day 2018

Many of the Internal Competition matches have had a very close score line with a few surprising results.

Finals day, which was played on Saturday 1st September with a start time of 10am.There was heavy dew on the green, with the green team (Tuesday Club) on hand the green was brushed twice prior to the 10am start. As the green was wet at the far end the green protector mats were deployed. What a wonderful job the Tuesday Club have done all season those in attendance were able to see the green at its best and with the sun coming out it was a wonderful setting for all, spectators, markers players and the social team that provided an excellent afternoon team.

First Session (10am)

Play commenced with the Ladies’ Jenny Holmes and Daphne Jones on Rink 1. Jenny struggled to find the green, with Daphne taking advantage of this, won the Match 22 to 4.

Rink 2: 2 Wood Yardstick

Peter Lambert in the first of two final matches, played Maurice also in his first of two finals ending up with Peter winning the match 9 to 5

Rink 3: Novices

Dennis Cottingham, in the first of his two finals, played Harry Rae. Harry made a storming start as Dennis struggled to find the green. After 11 ends Harry as 14-1 up with 7 more points to get for a win. Dennis then made a comeback and by end 20 the score stood at Dennis 17, Harry 18. In the end Harry got it altogether and was the winner 21 to 18

Post Lunch Session (1.15pm)

Rink 1: Drawn Pairs

Keith Wilson and Dennis Cottingham playing Dave Rickman and Peter Lambert.The match started off slowly and by end 9 Peter and David were winning by 8-3, then on end 10 Keith W and Dennis scored a 7. End 14 with the scores Dennis and Keith W 13, David and Peter 10 yes you guessed it another 7 but who to!!!!! End 15, Keith W and Dennis were trailing by 17-13 with this blow they failed to get back in the match with David and Peter winning 18-15

Rink 3: Men’s Singles

Keith Paul and Maurice Robinson. and the marker for this occasion was I don’t win anything Mike Evans.

The game was cat and mouse the few ends with Mike having to do a lot of measuring and end 11 it was 11 points each so who is going to be victorious in the end Keith P won 21-12

Once again a big thank you to June and Liz Jenny and Daphne who worked hard in the kitchen and to all the markers and helpers.

Good bed time reading was it. If so sign up next season 2019.

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