Over Wintering

Whilst bowling outdoors is primarily a summer activity, the winter period does see activity at the club, usually on a Tuesday morning, when maintenance on the green and its surroundings takes place. The surroundings include the club house, benches, scoreboards and fences, all of which have to be checked and, if needed, repaired.

Most of the work is undertaken by a group of club volunteers who collectively are known as the “Tuesday Club”. Membership is not exclusive and extra help offered by other members will be happily accepted.

By the time we get to January and February we start to consider what spring time jobs have be identified and then get organised in our preparation for a new season. Quite a bit of fence repair and painting are regular spring jobs as well as planting up the flower beds and boxes.

By this time the green itself will need more attention as we move on to regular cutting of the grass.Whilst we do not lose touch with our members during the winter it is always a sense of excitement when we all meet up again at our spring social gathering at the Nutley Church Hall which, this time, will take place on Friday 22 March 2019 at 7pm. Time to pay our annual subscriptions and pick up the fixture card for the new season.

We are always looking for new members to join our very friendly club for a little gentle exercise and some good friendship. So if you reading this and are interested, why not come along to our social gathering on 22 March.

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