Sussex County Singles 2019

With Keith Paul winning the Nutley Bowling Club Men’s single competition he was eligible to enter the Sussex County Men’s Division 2 Champion of Champions, which he entered.

Keith’s Preliminary match was away at Uckfield against a worthy opponent Guy Thornely who has won the Men’s singles at Uckfield the last 5 seasons and has previously reached the County finals and quarter finals.

The match was played at 11am on Saturday 5th May. The sky was overcast. The first 5 ends were cat and mouse with Guy leading 4 – 3. Still cat and mouse at the 10thend Keith leading 7 – 8. Rain came with thunder and lighting so a retreat was made to the pavilion but after 10 minutes play resumed with both players wearing waterproofs. Keith struggled to the 15th end ending up 14 – 11 to Guy.
Keith took off his waterproofs and at the 20th end the score was 16 all.Only 3 more ends were played Keith picked up 3 to lead 16 – 19�but the next end Guy picked up a 4 and was leading 20 – 19. The last end had all those watching on their edge of their seats. Would it be Guy or Keith? Keith was holding 1 shot and had the last wood with which knocked he out the wood of Guys that was holding 2nd shot so picked up the 2 that he needed, winning 20 – 21.

The first round proper was played at Barcombe 20th May at 6pm against Del Wallace.

Another Cat and mouse match after 5 ends it was 4 – 4, at the 10th end Del was leading 8-6.The next 5 ends Keith was struggling to find the green Del was now leading 13 – 9 at the 10thend. Keith was still struggling to the 15th end with Del leading 18 – 12.
The match went on for another 6 ends. With Keith now finding the green he picked up 8 shots including a 4 on end 25 and Del 1. Keith was now leading 19 – 20. Keith picked up 1 shot to take the game 19 – 21 after 27 ends.

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