First Game of 2016

What a start to the season!!!!! Having waited all winter (which seems to last forever) we keenly stepped on to the green for our first game of the season last Thursday evening. It was a chilly to start but with but soon became very cold. Although we would normally play 21 ends it was agreed […]

Royal Household B.C. 2015

The Club is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. After 2 years of planning by Maurice Robinson most of the club and 5 spectators left Nutley on Sunday 21 June just after 9am for a special celebration game in Windsor Great Park, within sight of Windsor Castle, against the Royal Household Bowling Club.We arrived in Windsor […]

100th Anniversary

We are really excited at the prospect this year of celebrating 100 years of the Nutley Bowling Club.An article in the Sussex Agricultural Express dated 27 August 1915 reports on a match between Nutley and Uckfield. The home team were described as novices.We are a small club, privately funded and run by its members, situated […]

Captain’s Day 2014

Organising the day got a little easier when it was known that 6 male and 6 female players had agreed to partake in this annual event.With this “mix” of members it was relatively easy to draw lots to sort out mixed pairs (always making sure husbands and wives were not drawn together).We played 4 games […]

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